Exterior painting.

We undertake all sizes of commercial and residential exterior paint jobs with knowledge of exactly what's needed to produce a long-lasting, beautiful coating. Generally in exterior work, our process involves pressure-washing, scraping, sanding, filling, caulking, and priming the surface to paint-ready condition before we coat it.

Different finishes are used in different applications of exterior work. For example, areas that will generally be exposed to more weathering and interaction from the occupants, like window and door trim, need a tougher finish, such as semi-gloss or gloss. Areas that don't take as much weathering, such as siding, are typically receive a flat or satin finish, which hides imperfections and doesn't reflect as much light.

Surfaces like concrete, which can expand and contract with weather, we sometimes coat in elastomeric paint, which stretches with the movement of the surface and doesn't crack and peel, resulting in a longer lasting coating.

We take incredible pride in our work. From preparation to a complete, efficient and no-shortcuts process. Every detail is important, every square inch is taken care of. And we always leave a job site with it looking better than when we arrived.

Whatever your exterior job is, we go over it, inch by inch, and ensure that you're getting the best possible prep work and coating, because that is exactly what you're paying for.
Interior painting.

Our process for interior painting work is as meticulous and dedicated to high-end work as with exterior. We work in new construction or renovation settings equally well, with the efficiency, knowledge, and skill to make each finished paint job beautiful and long-lasting. No cutting corners. No messing around. As we are often the last trade on construction sites before home-owners move in, or are even working in finished homes or businesses, we know the importance of working efficiently and intelligently, so no one is waiting to get into their home.

There are many homes in our area which have textured, or “popcorn” ceilings. If yours has been damaged or discoloured, or if it’s a style you no longer want in your home, feel free to call us for a consultation, as we can redo any damaged areas, spray a fresh, bright coating over it, or remove it and give you beautiful, smooth ceilings.

Whatever the interior painting project, we pride ourselves on being the painting company that can get the job done with beautiful results every time.